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Arcola Distillery

Your whiskey is handmade in the bygone town of Arcola, Wyoming; A former railroad “whistle stop” remembered only in history. Look at the whiskey in your glass and see the same Wyoming Spirit Of the hardy folks that settled the wind-swept prairie. What do you hold is crafted with skill in direct-fired small pot stills, one barrel at a time. Our mission is to bring you the highest quality pre-prohibition spirits that we know you will love.

Reviving an old tradition of excellent, Arcola Distillery carefully creates a smooth, genuine experience. Your front porch is our tasting room.


Jackson Hole Still Works

Good friends, owners, and partners Chas Marsh and Travis Goodman are passionate about creating the highest quality grain-to-glass craft spirits, capturing the hard work ethic of the western frontier into every bottle they produce. Each small batch is produced by hand at Jackson Hole Still Works starting from local Wyoming-sourced grains and crisp mountain water. They want to make sure you are enjoying their products as much as they enjoyed making them..


Big Lost Meadery

Big Lost Meadery is more than a company, it is an ideal. To understand this concept though, we must first look to the Big Lost Cabin. Legend has it that there is a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Western Wyoming. A place lost to the tenors of modern society; a warm fire is always burning to welcome the party. A leaky roof, a crusty old bar keep, a door that only pretends to lock, this run down cabin is a mecca for those lost in the wilderness. With the likes of the Wild Man, the Crazy Woman, the Island Gypsy, the Forgotten Philosopher always at the cabin, many legendary folks frequent this place and can tell you tales beyond belief. From ancient Pillagers of the north to tropical maidens lost to time, they all remember our basic natures. We have never been to the cabin and we don’t know exactly where it is located, but we have faith it exists. We have recreated a picture of the cabin from legends we have heard, visible on all our labels. This cabin is the focal point for all our various characters. While their stories and legends range throughout the expanse of the world, all of them find their way to this mystical cabin at some point. After Getting Their Pillage on they head to the cabin to interact and have a roaring good time, forever being lost to the rest of the dominion of men.


Durango Craft Spirits

Through our products and cocktail offerings we enjoy sharing stories of Durango’s vibrant past while becoming a part of Durango’s history. Hard work and ingenuity are qualities rooted within Durango’s threadwork; those same qualities show through in our spirits and cocktails.


Dash Distilling

DASH vodka traces its pure essence to a unique raisin-based spirit of eastern tradition – no neutral spirits are used. Handmade from scratch in small batches, wheat and raisins are slowly fermented with native yeast for four weeks before the mash is distilled seven times in a hybrid copper still. Wheat provides a very smooth and delicate taste profile, while Thompson raisins complement Dash with a rich character and complex nose with hints of warm vanilla, apricot, plum, citrus and orange blossom honey. Finished with purified mineral water, Dash is filtered through crushed coconut shells, and micro oxygenated to ensure its impeccable taste and unparalleled smoothness.


Farmstead Wyoming Cider

Farmstead Cider is hard cider hand made in Jackson Hole from local Wyoming and Rocky Mountain apples. We started out on a mission to keep bears out of trouble and ended up starting a cidery! The ancient glacial soils, extreme sun, and cool nights all combine to make Wyoming a fantastic place to grow, harvest, and taste unique cider apple varieties including high-tannin crab apples. We are rediscovering forgotten hundred-year-old apple trees, planting new orchards in places where growing apples was thought to be impossible, and teaching people about high altitude farming along the way.


  • Jackson Hole Still Works Vodka
  • Dash Vodka
  • Durango Craft Spirits Soiled Doves Vodka


  • Jackson Hole Still Works Great Grey Gin
  • Jackson Hole Still Works Absaroka Gin


  • Arcola Whiskey
  • Durango Craft Spirits Cinder Dick Bourbon


  • Big Lost Wild Man Mead
  • Big Lost Crazy Woman Mead
  • Big Lost Flathead Warrior Mead (seasonal)
  • Big Lost Sweet Dame Mead (seasonal)
  • Big Lost Island Gypsy Mead (seasonal)


  • Farmstead Mountain Dry Cider
  • Farmstead Teton Pet-Nat Cider

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